It’s been such an amazing experience and I would never choose anything else. I suggest it to everybody and it’s just been an incredible experience for everyone.

It’s probably one of the best experience I’ve ever had and I don’t think there’s anything else I would rather do than be here with these incredible kids.

~ Karina

On working on a service project that involved building a toilet block for one of the local Kindergartens, “We done what we feel is so little but to them it’s such a huge impact to them and it really makes you feel just how lucky we are that we’ve been able to share with them something that we already had”.

On the experience and the Fijian people: “This trip really is worth every penny you put into it and far beyond. Give it a go – it’s a once in a lifetime experience, to be so immersed in a culture in a place like this, to feel so loved and welcomed. It’s definitely a great opportunity.

It has been life-changing for me. It’s been an incredible experience and an amazing opportunity and definitely going to take it back home with me and cherish it for the rest of my life.

~ James

Our Year 12 coordinator gave us a brochure about the alternative side to the regular schoolies and we found Harvest Inroads the most appealing because it offered that balance of providing a service to other locals as well as having fun.

“It wasnt just flat out fun or flat out service, it was a mixture of both. Obviously the relationships we developed with the locals out there and other students who have a similar mindset as ours. It was really good – a perfect balance. You couldn’t ask for much else.”

“It was good to help them out and knowing we were making a difference plus seeing the smiles on their faces once we had completed a project or once we had helped out.”

“Every time you just get something new out of it and it reiterates what we do take for granted so it provokes you to take these types of trips again – a service to others less fortunate.”

~ Dylan

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